Is PR right for you?

May 05, 2016


Take our quick quiz to find out.


1. How would you rate your communication skills?

A. Top notch

B. Strong

C. Average

D. Weak

2. Do you love working in a team and being part of fun projects with lots of people?

A. Yes, I am the definitive teamster

B. I’m pretty comfortable working as a team or alone

C. I prefer working on my own but I will join in (a bit)

D. Um, no. I am a lone wolf

3. Do you often have creative ideas that you want to explore and tell people about?

A. OMG! Like. All. Of. The. Time!

B. I often have flashes of brilliance

C. Sometimes but I’m more of doer than a thinker

D. No. Nope. Never happens

4. Do you thrive on being set a task or challenge and working hard until you reach it?

A. YES!!! (with deliberate ! over use and CAPS)

B. Yes, I do

C. Ummm, challenges scare me a little

D. No, I’m well and truly stuck in my comfort zone

5. Do you use your mobile phone for speaking into?

A. Yes! I’m a talker

B. Sometimes

C. Just to my mum and other old people who don’t know how to text

D. Never

6. Do you enjoy reading magazines, websites, blogs and interacting on social media?

A. I eat, sleep and breathe media

B. I read some stuff but I lurve social media

C. I like flicking through the gossip mags/food porn/fash mags at the hairdresser/waiting room

D. I’m not much of a reader. More of a picture person

7. Do you enjoy writing?

A. Yes, I am the next Tolkien/Hemingway/E L James

B. I enjoy it but I’m more an E L James than a Hemingway

C. I wouldn’t say enjoy but I’m OK at it

D. I haaaate writing. I can’t spell. I can’t proofraed and I don’t do good grammar

8. Do you enjoy breaking down concepts/ideas and picking out the most interesting parts/the right angles?

A. Yes, I can spot an angle from 50 paces

B. It’s not something that I’ve done before but sounds ok

C. What’s an angle?

D. I know what a right angle is. 90 degrees, right?

9. Do you enjoy research where you uncover information to surprise and educate people with interesting facts

A. Oh yeah! Love a list, life hack, cheat sheet

B. Yes, I love Pedestrian’s quirky stories

C. Research, schmeesearch

D. B O R I N G!

10. If you discover a brand, website, product or service and you love it - do you naturally want to tell people about it and encourage them to try it?

A. Yes! I love telling people about good things I discover – late at night – on the interweb

B. Sure! I’m a sharer

C. Sometimes. For cat memes, definitely yes

D. Isn’t that what Bored Panda is for?

11. Can you work towards deadlines and be organised with your work, emails and tasks?

A. Yes, my ‘to do’ lists are epic!

B. Yes, I am the master of deadlines. (In fact, I pulled an all-nighter yesterday to get my assignment in on time)

C. Sometimes I miss deadlines - if I can get away with it

D. Yeah, no. Not a strength.

12. What would attract you most to a career in PR?

A. The fun

B. the challenge

C. the perks

D. the paycheck

13. How do you feel about networking?

A. Love it

B. It’s ok

C. Not a fan

D. Hell on earth

14. Do you know what an early adopter is and would you call yourself one?

A. Yes! I was the first one to delete my Pinterest account

B. Yes! Love (insert latest cool App here)!

C. Kinda? I wasn’t the last one to get an iPhone

D. I thought an adapter was something you used to plug your charger in overseas?




Mainly As

unicorn emoji.jpg 

Call me! Call me NOW!
Mainly Bs

happy emoji.jpg

You’ve got potential. Call me!
Mainly Cs

not sure emoji.png

Call me, maybe?
Mainly Ds

poo emoji.jpg

Enough said…

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